“The watchmaker's smartwatch...”Dan Seifert, The Verge

Smart looks. Smart function. The META M1 combines the rich traditions and craftsmanship of fine watches carefully blended with modern innovation.

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M1 Limited – Rose Gold

“The level of physical polish and build quality is ambitious.”Harry McCracken, Fast Company

Ambitious? Of course. A fine watch should proclaim 'I have arrived' not 'I know javascript.' The M1 was designed by Frank Nuovo, former head of luxury phone maker Vertu.

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“That the Meta M1 is nice looking on the wrist is something to point out simply because so much else out there is not.”Ariel Adams, Forbes

“Definitely one of the smartest smartwatches I’ve seen in a while.”John Biggs, TechCrunch

Smart doesn't have to mean complicated. Stay connected to the moment and to the critical information to keep you in control - your schedule, weather, and notifications from your iOS or Android device with the simplicity of a glance.

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“The M1 strikes me as a watch I would see behind the glass and want to take a look at. The fact that it has some smart abilities is icing on the style case.”Jason Anderson, G Style Mag

M1 Core – Stainless Silver

“Meta’s watch industry pedigree shines through loud and clear...”Dan Seifert, The Verge

Meta Watch was spun out of Fossil Group in August 2011 to focus on merging the rich tradition of the watch industry - precision engineering, beautiful craftsmanship, and emotional appeal – with the modern function of a connected world. The goal: build a better watch.

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